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           Royal Paper Forms Co., Ltd., was founded in May 1997. Initially, the company started with only 12 staff in the office which located on Somdejprapinklao Road. In October 1997, the company located a plant for production on Phutthamonthon 5 Street, and then the first printing press was installed together with other machines that are used for after printing. At that time we started operating with only 5 press operators to work an eight-hour shift which in the year that the economy went down, that causes the company not be able to expand its job rapidly.


           In March 1998, the company had more a printing press, other machines and a six-color offset web press. In the end of the year we employed staff more over 30 persons, but we still faced to terrible condition of economy. Everybody had to work hard and dedicated their power, abilities, skills and experiences to hold the business very carefully. Maintaining career advantage and motivating of our staff, we tried our best to look for the better condition that were coming in the near future for getting some profit even a few. We always do business with loyalty, sincerely and giving the best condition to all our customers and suppliers.


           Until now (2005), the company has been run the business for 8 years. We have total staff nearly 100 persons and more than 100 million Baht of assets investment. Royal Paper Forms has become one of the largest and most reputation in the best service and a commitment to customer satisfaction. We had operated more over 7,000 jobs in a few recent years, more than 3,500 firms that are our customer which come from many types of business such as Banking Business, Financial Institute, Securities Organization, Enterprise, Trading Company etc.

Employees :
Regularly staff : 80 persons
Temporary staff : 10 persons
Total staff : 90 persons
Establised year : since 1 may 1997